At Live Med Free, we inspire our clients to seek freedom: Freedom of mind, body, and spirit.

While “Live Med Free” implies that we are opposed to all medication use, that is not the case. There is a time and a place for meds. Many can deliver life-saving benefits. Many, however, can cause numerous side effects, some life-threatening.

When it comes to medication use, therefore, we believe that individuals must practice balance and moderation.

If medications provide genuine freedom and increased actualization, then, on balance, they may be doing more good than harm. If medications diminish health, acuity, and functionality to the extent that they prevent users from experiencing the freedom they desire, then medications may be problematic. Either way, we do not dispense medical advice, but rather urge our clients to evaluate the role that medications plays in their lives and, if they conclude some adjustment is warranted, to seek proper evaluation and support from experienced medical personnel.  

Chaim and I have both struggled to find such freedom in our own lives: after 27 years enslaved to drugs, Chaim has begun to reclaim aspects of himself that he feared had long died off. After serving ten and a half years of a 27-year prison sentence, where Thorazine and anti-anxiety meds were handed out like candy and during which basic freedoms were wantonly stripped from me, I too am exercising freedom at long last.

We founded Live Med Free because we have both experienced on a very visceral level the harm that indiscriminate medication use has caused and we wish to impart the tools and coping strategies we found life-sustaining during medication use, during drug tapers, and during post-taper withdrawal.

There are solutions to the problems you face, no matter how bleak things may seem. You can escape from any abyss, no matter how deep and dark it is.

Live Med Free is all about solutions. Whatever your life looks like right now, you have the power to create yourself anew. Rather than becoming bogged down by fear, regret, or rage, we urge you to cultivate solutions-orientated thinking and behavior.

To help you do so, we offer numerous mental health coaching and support tools, one of which is a podcast series in which Chaim and I talk about such practical steps as tapping into the wellspring of courage you already possess, managing pain as med-free as possible, and letting go of debilitating thoughts and habits. We take you on a journey to help you rediscover the best of yourself.

We also discuss many alternative therapies that you may find effectively treat depression, anxiety, and trauma. These include working with an integrative doctor who understands both Western and Traditional medicines to help you reestablish your natural biochemistry. You may be able to find a holistic, integrative, or orthomolecular doctor in your area using the search feature on

You are your own best doctor. Trust yourself to ultimately know what tools, including medication, best serve you. Constantly seek out and nurture the best of yourself. Growth is a never-ending process.

Live Free. Live Med Free.